Verschiedene Arten Von Kuchen – Erfahren Sie Mehr Über Sie!

Cake – who does not not love them? Today, the world of baking is knows no boundaries, available with cake recipes that have been divided between the countries and many ingredients are available all over the world in the local market. While it may not really be possible to list all the different kinds of cakes out there, we will try and list some of the major categories of cakes that are known. When it comes to food, we all are very interested, and that is why you should learn more about the interesting types of foods that you know eat on your travels .

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Aside from knowing what kind of cake that you should eat when you visit a place, you must also, as you make your way around the world know with popular foods to eat . Along with food, you must also have some interesting facts about beer know.

So read on to know about some of the most popular types of cakes around the world:

sponge cake

Sponge Kitchen: Many glamorous and pretty cake began its life as a humble biscuit. This cake is pretty easy to make and can be optimized to different types of icing, by receiving the flavors.

fruit cake

Fruit Cake: This cake is heavy and loaded with raisins, sultanas, prunes, apricots, assorted dried fruits and citrus fruit peels that are usually soaked in rum for a while to be added to the cake and is made ​​for special occasions.


Muffins : These are small cakes that are not quite as sweet and sometimes consumed for breakfast instead of bread. They come in many flavors. Of chocolate, fruit and nuts


Brownies: These are usually baked in a square or rectangular tray and very chewy and dense in texture. You will, after they cut into squares and usually served with chocolate and nuts.


Croquembouche: This is a really complex structure that make up a lot of skills and usually represent small cake of choux pastry filled with cream, which are assembled together to make a tall structure and is covered in threads of caramel takes.

banana bread

Banana Bread: This type of cakes are usually the ones that fall between the bread and cakes category. These include things such as dates, nuts and bananas along with various spices to make it more interesting.

ice cream cake

Icecream Cake: This is usually cake layers that are filled with ice and shaped into a large structure. Often iced cake with a kind of rich sauce of butterscotch or chocolate made ​​to make it even more special offers.

danish pastry

Pastry: This is usually sponge cake that is baked thin, topped with jam or something covering and then rolled to make a log. This is cut into thick slices before serving.


Scones: These are often pastries that are baked with very little sugar in them and are served with English tea with jam and clotted cream.

chocolate eclairs

Chocolate Eclairs: These are filled with cream hollow pastries when they are baked and topped with chocolate sauce.



Pie, cobblers, etc. : These are cakes in the loosest sense that they are baked from flour, butter, sugar, and are available with different kinds of flavors. Only in the case of pies and cobblers, the filling is separately prepared, placed in the bowl and pastries are baked.


Cheesecake: This type of cake comes with a hard and crunchy base of butter and biscuit crumbs Homemade and topped with cream cheese. This type of cake is usually baked in a water bath.

The fact is, a single article will not be enough to cover all the different cakes all over the world, but in this article we’ve covered some of the most famous ones.

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