10 Places to Visit in Berlin

So if you are going to Germany in your next holiday, for sure you will be having a visit to the capital city of this country. Berlin, the city with lots of history and culture is a must visit in Germany. Actually, this city was badly devastated during the World War II and the Cold War. But with time, the city has recreated itself into an international standard city with some of the beautiful architectures. It is the largest city in the country and contains some great attractions that still bear the scars of the past. So enjoy your visit with dynamic architectures, entertainments, shopping and a wide variety of culture all around the corners of the City.

Places to Visit in Berlin:

1. Reichstag: This is a very old building, which was reconstructed when the decision of moving the Federal Government was taken. The building was modernized from then onwards and today it is one of the tourist attractions of the city. You can get a bird’s eye view of the whole city from the glass dome of this building. So never, miss out this one as it carries many historical values.

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2. Brandenburg Gate: No one can argue that this Brandenburg Gate is the signature attraction of the city. It was built in the year 1971 and one of the many city gates. The decorative Pariser Platz was laid at the foot of the gate and is now the home to many important buildings of the city for example the Hotel Adlon.

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3. Gendarmenmarkt: The Gendarmenmarkt is undoubtedly one of the most stunning squares of the city. It is located very close to the Friedrichstrabe, one of the Berlin’s best shopping street. In addition, you will be getting three of the city’s best architecture that will really impress you. The Concert House designed by Schinkel and the German and the French cathedrals.

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4. Charlottenburg Palace: It is located just out of the centre of the city. The attraction of this palace is that it holds fie collection of China and Paintings. You can roam about in the park. But if you don’t have any interest on the parks, you can try out the museum located just opposite to the park. Just have a visit there to get amazed.

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5. Museum Island: The Museum Island of Berlin is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is the home to the city’s most beautiful and attractive exhibition centers. The Altes Museum, The Nues Museum, The Bode Museum, The Pergamon Museum and the Alte Nationalgalerie. The overall collection in these buildings carries over 6000years of art and cultural history of the country.

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6. The Berlin Wall Memorial and Documentation Center: this memorial center was located between the districts of Wedding and Mitte. The surviving section of the wall will allow you to get the real feeling of border facilities. The memorial has recently gone through some extension works, which was completed in 2014.

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7. Berlin Television Tower: The Berlin Television Tower is an easily recognizable construction in the city. It is the tallest building in Berlin and stands out of the skyline at 368 m. the building was built in 1960 but the most amazing thing about this building is that the visitors can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of the Berlin City from such a height.

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8. Berlin Cathedral: If you want to get a look of 19th century architecture, this Berlin Cathedral is the best one in the city. The remarkable dome of this cathedral makes it more beautiful and attractive. Just near the Berlin Cathedral, you will be getting the German Historical Museum and the Museum Island.

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9. Unter den Linden: It is the most famous street of Berlin. It is known to draw many visitors and also the locals. Today there are two car lanes, which are divided with a central pedestrian area that extends much of the street’s length and provides a wonderful place to relax. This is just a relaxing place where you can spend some of your hours in Berlin.

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10. Memorial Church: The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church is in the center of Berlin. The original church was built in between 1891 and 1895 but it was destroyed by bombing during the World War II. In 1961, a new church with four buildings was constructed around the old church. It is a very beautiful place with immense historical values.

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So, for your next visit to the town, you will have to visit all these places and otherwise your visit to the city will always remain a great miss out. Berlin is a very beautiful city and you should visit all its attractions. There are also various other places of tourist interest in the city, as we have named the 10 best places to see out. Also, have a look on all of them. Have a nice trip. Goodbye.

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