Beliebte Sorten Wurst; Lesen Sie Mehr Wissen

Sausages are something that many of us eat without much thought to the origin of the food. Actually, the food is was the result of the butcher try to make the most of the meat in their business. Preparation sausage was their solution using the pieces of meat, the stuffing over them and by salting out they were left in their cases. It is important to know where the food is often used come. Like if you are from the, what are the things that think make life fun? Fun, food and festivals would be the answer.

In the same manner, if you want to eat your way around the world with the usual food , you would probably find that many people have preferred to eat sausages marked. Here you will find some interesting information about sausage, which you will find very useful and interesting. In addition, if the next time you are and the discussion revolves around the sausage, you can bring a lot of facts on the table about the topic.

What is a sausage anyway? general is a sausage that is mixed with minced meat, spices, fat and salt together with fillers and preservatives. This mixture is filled into a casing in most cases, but sometimes you will be sold in the form of meatballs to see meat. Smoked, pre-cooked, cured and fresh – sausages can be divided into four main categories.

What is a smoked sausage? These are generally sausages, which are named points as a method to them like smoked cooking. Some examples of smoked sausages, such as kielbasa and andouille will give in the smoke house or on a smoker, where a fire burns slowly out, lots of smoke hung. This smoke slowly cooks the meat adds flavor and also helps in maintaining the sausage. This type of sausage can be eaten directly from, or you can heat or even cut it up to add to many dishes. You will find a lot of smoked sausage varieties in delis and sandwich counter.

What is a pre-cooked sausage? These are like Bologna, sausages, hot dogs and other wurst, which are basically a German style. If you’re not quite sure what kind of sausage it is before purchasing, you can check with the counter guys know about it. Many pre-cooked sausages smooth or with pureed fillings. The filling is sometimes before they cooked filled, but the thing is that the sausage is always cooked when the filling is ready. Heating, this sausage is made ​​to help the flavors and make them taste better. You can also fry them on the pan or grill or her. Courts in other

What is a sausage? These are essentially the kind of sausages, the Italians tend to be or what the French call call sausages chacuterie. This means a sausage freshly prepared and then added salt and the sausage air for a period of time depending on what type it is dried. The meat is substantially on the salt that is added to and boiled air. Some of the examples of this type of sausage are the Coppa, Spanish chorizo, genoa salami, etc. You can cut this sausage into thin slices and serve them as they are as a snack.

What is a Fresh sausage? These are essentially the sausages, breakfast links, etc. These are made ​​of raw meat, which is, and the earth is or will be hacked. To get this sausage, you have to keep them in the refrigerator or in the freezer. You need to make a few stitches on these sausage, to ensure that they do not explode when you cook them. You have to cook it well to ensure that the meat cooked throughout. This can be prepared in many ways and operated in many forms.


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